The Quran has the capability of melting the hearts of not only Muslims but non-Muslims too. Even if the non-Muslims may fail to understand the meanings, but still it is nothing short of a touching experience. A vast majority of the people still fail to realize the significance of reciting Quran correctly. You should recognize that the rules of recitation are not meant to be observed by just the expert reciters, but it is the obligation on the part of an individual to address adequately whenever you recite Quran in Salah.
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Brief Overview: From a linguistic perspective, the word Tajweed conveys proficiency or doing something well. In the Quran, it means every letter should be given their due rights. This becomes possible only with the proper recitation of the Quran following the rules as per different situations.

View the Characteristics: It is of utmost importance to see that the necessary attributes of the individual letter remain intact. You can give these letters their dues by viewing the characteristics of each letter which are present some of the time and not at other times.

The Importance: Every syllable in the Quran is the literal words of Allah. Nothing can compare the Quran with any other book of the law. So its recitation must be given a serious thought. Learn Holy Quran because they contain the words of Allah himself and is meant to act as a guide to human beings. It is the book which includes regulations for humanity for all aspects of life so that they can lead an organized life.

Elimination of Misunderstanding: The Quran is such an important book must be read and recited clearly to reduce the scope of misinterpretation. When someone listens to the Quran intently, it can soften even a stony-hearted individual.

learn holy quran

Application of the Rules: It is essential for you to to search and find out a teacher who has been involved in an intensive study of the Tajweed. The objective is to rectify your recitation if deemed necessary.

Competent Instructor: Keep in mind that books are not the only useful source of learning Tajweed. The sounds and movements of the mouth are equally important too. So it is crucial of you to find a teacher to listen to your pronunciation so that you can make the necessary corrections. He will also ensure that you are following the rules appropriately.

Learning the Rules: You should find a relevant book which comprises of the rules governing Tajweed. You may learn Holy Quran through the BEST ONLINE QURAN TEACHING with the assistance of a competent teacher.  

learn holy quran

Search for Relevant Books: You can take the help of concise books available in the Arabic language. Related books and tapes are available in English too. You can also look up for books with illustrations to get a clearer understanding.

Research in Details: You should conduct a comprehensive study on the internet to find out about academies specializing in Quran teaching. If you do not have sufficient time in your hands to attend classroom teaching, then you can opt for online classes.