Rediscovering your love with Allah

All of us grew up listening to how Allah (SWT) loves us abundantly.

“He loves us seventy times more than our mothers.”

“His love and mercy are there for us, even when we sin!”

There are countless such statements spoken by our elders, denoting the ceaseless affection of Our Lord for us. But, let me ask you a trick question:

How many of us reciprocate this love? Do you ever cry just because you love Allah so much?

Sadly, we are caught in the hustle of this life. The rat race going around us makes it impossible to make time for Allah (SWT). We offer Salah like we are throwing off a burden from our shoulders. We rush through our Duas, paying no heed to the words that we utter.

The state of our Imaan is despicable!

But let’s snap ourselves out of the rut. Allah (SWT) questions us in the Quran:

“Fa’ayin’a Tazhaboon?”

It seems like a common question. Yet, when you reflect on it, you will discover it is brimming with the love of Allah (SWT). He adoringly asks His servants, “so, where are you going?”

“Where are you headed to, Ali?”

“What is your destination Zaid?”

“What will you get out of it, Hamid?”

Allah wants us to pause and evaluate our condition. Good for you that you have reached your goal of becoming a doctor or a teacher. However, what’s the game plan for your future?

The Action Plan

Being a Muslim, it is our ultimate duty to serve Allah. Besides worshipping him and obliging all His commands, we should serve the creation too. Remember that Allah (SWT) does not depend on us to defend His religion.

It is for our sake that we indulge in any activities beloved to Allah (SWT). You can only do so if you love Him back. There are plenty of ways to elevate your connection with Allah (SWT). Here are a few:

  • Recite Quran daily
  • Understand Quran through Tafseer
  • Study the Seerah of Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him)
  • Spend more on charity
  • Recite Adhkar
  • Make Dua

Parting Notes

Remember, Allah (SWT) knows how messed up we are. If you begin fixing the connection today, He (SWT) will value your efforts. For instance, if you can’t attend a Halaqah on-site, there are plenty of virtual options available nowadays. Enroll yourself in an online Quran class or look for someone who teaches Tafseer online. Your sincerity towards the task will help you reach credible tutors, inshaAllah.

May Allah (SWT) make us tread on the Right Path. Aameen!


Sustaining Ramadan Spirit with Kids

Ramadan is all about love, sacrifice, repentance, and caring. It is the month that trains a Muslim how to conduct throughout the year. As you spend your days restraining yourself from Halal and your nights remembering Allah, your heart goes through a powerful therapy session.
Being Muslims, you must have experienced how you feel cleansed and refreshed after this month is over.
However, many of us feel a void and emptiness at the end of this month. Although this lot rejoices on Eid, deep down inside, a pang of guilt keeps nagging them. Ask them, and you will get to know hundreds of stories. Some wasted their Ramadan procrastinating, and some were pending their acts of worship to the last days of the month. Then, there is a bunch that could not make the most out of this month due to social responsibilities.
This brings us to our discussion for today – Ramadan with kids.

Ramadan for Parents

Ramadan, as a parent, is far more challenging than Ramadan for a normal person.
It is a test of patience, servitude, and perseverance.
Every day brings new trials. You have to handle tantrums of your child, take your kids to school, make meals for them (if they are young and don’t fast), and teach them the basic etiquette of Ramadan. Amidst this frenzy, it is very difficult to maintain your worship schedule.
All those people discussing their Ramadan routine and Quran studying sessions can arouse a feeling of being inferior. But let me tell you one thing – Allah (SWT) know the state of your heart. As long as you fulfill the duty of being a Muslim parent, He will not punish you for being unable to complete the entire Quran recitation during Ramadan.
Yet, given you are here reading this blog, we presume you want to know how to keep your spirits high during Ramadan. We have rounded up the following tips that will help you sustain your enthusiasm for this month alive. Let’s take a look:

Practice Patience

“O you who have believed, persevere and endure and remain stationed and fear Allah that you may be successful.” (Surah Al Imran, 200)
Prepare yourself before the arrival of this month. Internalize the fact that your patience will be tested. There will be tough days and carefree days. Just don’t go overboard in anger.
When your child throws himself down at the floor and you are fasting, make sure you keep yourself under control. Similarly, if your infant is being whiny and does not sleep the whole day, do not utter ungrateful words.
Instead, practice patience.
Although easier said than done, we believe you can do it if you are resilient enough.

Learn Quran Online

“And We have certainly made the Qur’an easy for remembrance, so is there any who will remember?” (Surah Al – Qamar: 17)
It is not easy for a parent to join an Islamic Institute or a Madrassah to gain knowledge of the Quran. Fortunately, we have incredible options for them these days. They can register at a Digital Quran Center that offers a variety of courses. The best part of these portals is that they offer the flexibility of time and curriculum.
You can fix your class at the time when your kids are sleeping or playing outside. The instructors understand the circumstances of their students, and they cater to them accordingly.

Indulge in Creative Family Sessions

“Each of you is a shepherd, and all of you are responsible for your flocks.” (Saheeh Al-Bukhari, Saheeh Muslim)
As mentioned earlier, this is the month meant for training. A parent has to make extra efforts to ensure their children get closer to Allah (SWT) during Ramadan. You can organize creative activities like story sessions, quizzes, treasure hunts, and journal-keeping to develop the interest of your children in the religion.
Each activity has to be relevant for their age and preferences. Besides this, work it out in such a way that the whole family is involved. It will strengthen your relationship with your children and make them your companions in Jannah insha’Allah!

Make Dua

The Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) said: “All the children of Adam constantly err, but the best of those who constantly err are those who constantly repent.” (Tirmidhi)
You will undoubtedly have weak moments. There will be days when you run out of energy. You will feel like you are not eligible enough to raise good kids.
On days like these, do nothing but bow down in Sujood. Make Dua to Allah and share your worries with Him. Ask Him to provide you the strength to go on. Beseech Him and tell Him you need His help. Request Him to make the brought-up of your children more manageable for you.
His help will arrive, for sure!

The Bottom Line

Allah has given you a great responsibility. He is watching when you complain about your children or feel sad when you can’t worship like you used to do before.
So, it is vital to keep your spirits high. Accept your situation and figure out the ways to make the most of Ramadan during this. Indeed, it will be different than others around you. But never feel inferior or hopeless.
Allah is All-Aware of the state of our hearts. He is Al-Sami’ and Al-Baseer. Share your worries with Him every day, and you will feel insurmountable peace within.
May Allah make our children successful in this world and the Hereafter. Aameen!