How does the program work?

The online courses can be well learned if a headset is purchased and one that has a microphone built-in. for an online course like this, all you need is a headset, internet connection/DSL and a computer. These are the requirements that have been clubbed intelligently for your help. You will have to register for a free trial of three days and after the completion of free trial and provided you have gained satisfaction, paid regular classes can be opted for. With the support team that is working, have your class timings discussed and as per the availability of classes, scheduling of the classes will take place.

Do I need to download any software?

A Skype account needs to be set up and free software of Skype has to be downloaded so that the link mentioned can be followed. It works with three simple exercises where the first step in downloading Skype, going to the meeting and then finally join.

It helps if you purchase a headset with built in microphone


With the screen or go to meeting the classes are usually conducted sharing software while for voice chats Skype is used. The instructor shared her/his screen displaying conversation and content through Skype.


A monthly subscription shall be charged depending on the package selected. Once regular classes begin, a credit card/PayPal link would be sent so that payments can be made for the subscription. Payments can be done through checks to the NY office and alternatively to offices in Pakistan through Western Union/Money Gram. At any point, you can cancel the subscription.