How can a female Quran teacher help kids and sisters?

Given the diversity of our audience, we have also made arrangements to include female tutors in our team. Muslim women feel free to express themselves when they have a female teacher. Muslim families across the globe prefer getting female teachers for their daughters and male teachers for sons.
Keeping this in mind, we have equipped our team with proficient members. You can pick the medium of language according to your requirements. Moreover, the teachers make sure that every class they teach leaves a positive impact on the students. They enrich the class with knowledgeable content and provide lessons through multiple resources.


We have also noticed how some families seek female teachers for their kids. Given the flexible nature of women, it is quite natural for you to willing for a female tutor for your kids. We facilitate our teachers with learning resources so they can impart authentic knowledge to all students. We also ensure that every person who joins our team holds a credible command on the subject they’re planning to teach.

Our female Quran teachers can assist you in the following ways

  • They can help kids learn basic Qaida, Tajweed, and Recitation
  • They will work with kids so they can initiate memorization and progress gradually
  • They also provide special translation lessons which are easy to understand for young people
  • Female Tafseer Tutors can teach adult ladies who want to understand the Quran
  • Help older ladies to recite and perfect their recitation


We understand the fact that for most people, visiting the mosque or Islamic Centers at due timings is difficult. The hours may not suit everyone as our lives today are very busy. Keeping this in mind, we have design courses which would give you a Madrassa-like experience at home (or even better!)


You have to choose days and timings according to your schedule. Also, most of the classes are designed for individuals so that you will feel more fulfilling at the end of each lesson. Do not fret if you cannot find a reliable tutor in your area. We, at Best Quran Teaching, are working hard to make it easy for audiences far and wide. Our students are learning the Quran with our female Quran teachers from countries like Canada, the USA, and Australia. Hence, no barrier would restrict the Word of Allah from reaching you. It is up to you to take the first step.


Best Quran Teaching aims to facilitate the kids and sisters out there with the best female tutors. We hire well-trained teachers who understand how to mold the courses as per the age and gender of the students. Like in every course, you can take two trial lessons with the female instructor. If not satisfied, we will find a replacement for you immediately.