Online Courses

All the courses we conduct online are one-on-one sessions of tutoring, with an articulate instructor.

A Basic Reading of the Qur’an

This course is beneficial particularly for children aspiring to grasp Qur’an’s teachings for the very first time. Adults can undergo these courses as well from their home’s comfort. It begins with basic letters of Arabic and progresses gradually for enhancing the student’s reading skills.

Reading Qur’an With Tajweed

It is quite obligatory for every Muslim in reading Qur’an with the Tajweed. This course educates about Tajweed rules and students learn about how to correctly pronounce each of the Arabic letters. Instructors go into Tajweed rules details that include Meem Sakin, Qalqala Qalb, Idgham, Meem Ikhfa Saakhin, and Inkhfa. During the course, rules shall practice with instructors and you will also learn about rules application during recitation.

Memorizing the Qur’an

This course is meant for those students that are interested to become a Hafiz of the Qur’an. this course shall guide students through steps necessary and ones required on a day-to-day basis for memorizing as well as retaining Qur’an. Qualified Huffaz is vested with the responsibility to coach. The set schedule shall be given to students and it will aid students to memorize verses while revising everything memorized already. Total duration associated with Hifz varies dependent on many factors including effort and time put in by each individual.

Translation of Qur’an

This course particularly gears up and helps students for understanding Qur’an’s meaning. Qualified scholars skilled at educating individuals with translating the Qur’an, will instruct students.

Basic Knowledge of Islam

In this particular class, classes will be provided by instructors on Islam’s basic teachings. This course has specifically been designed for new Muslims, adults, and children.

Conventional Course

A course can be customized by students based on Qur’an’s prior knowledge and interest. The qualified instructors would assist you to select the best options for enhancing Holy Qur’an’s knowledge. For instance, if there are some Suras that need to be memorized from Qur’an while you are learning about ways to read then your instructors must know about your interests, in detail. They will take efforts to coach you the way you prefer.